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Aden, (Saba) What has been published on Idriss Jazairy, Special Rapporteur on the negative impact of the unilateral coercive on besieging Hodeida Port and humanitarian crisis is strange, said Minister of Local Administration, the Head of the Supreme Relief Committee Abdul-Raqeeb Fath.
"Al-Jazairi's press release does not depend on real and practical information," said Fath, explaining that the real human catastrophe which the Yemeni people are suffering from is due to the Houthi-Salh's coup against the legal President Abdo Rabbou Mansour Hadi, seizing the Yemeni capital by the force of weapon, waging war across Yemeni governorates, using ports, airports and their incomes to finance war efforts, and continuous rejection to all initiatives and solutions made by the international community and the legal government to end the war and returning to dialogue. He added," Rebel militias are still blocking food shipments and preventing access to different Yemeni governorates and are still besieging Taiz city for more than a year and half. The militias have seized 223 relief caravan and 63 relief shipments to feed the war efforts as they call it . Fath made it clear that Hodeida Port received during the past short period 3.2 million tons of food, 1300 cattle and 387 thousand tons of medical aid and that Assalif Port, located on the Red Sea received 3 million tons of oil derivatives, 1000 cattle and 500 thousand tons of construction materials,adding that the claims that the Hodeida Port is besieged are strange. The support of safeguarding nd protecting the regional waters, especially controlling weapon trafficking to the militias is based on agreement with the UN i withen attempts and mechanisims of controlling Yemeni regional waters, he said. He called on the United Nations to force the militias to end their siege on Yemeni airports; especially Taiz and Hodeida airports, noting that the militias use Sana'a Airport for weapon trafficking and transporting fighters. He also called on the UN Humanitarian Coordinator to make field visits to the besieged governorates and write his reports on people's suffering on the ground.

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