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Abdul-Raqeeb Fath: Idriss Jazairy Needs to Get his Facts Right

Aden, (Saba) What has been published on Idriss Jazairy, Special Rapporteur on the negative impact of the unilateral coercive on besieging Hodeida Port and humanitarian crisis is strange, said Minister of Local Administration, the Head of the Supreme Relief Committee Abdul-Raqeeb Fath. Read more...

Houthis Sentence Yemen Journalist to Death

Saba A Yemeni court in the rebel-held capital Sanaa has sentenced a veteran journalist to death on charges of spying for neighboring Saudi Arabia, the press union and rebel media said Thursday. Read more...

Ben Daghr: We Must Pave the Way for Six Regions

Riadh -Saba Prime Minister Ahmad Ubaid Bin Daghr ,discussed on Tuesday with the Secretary General of the Gulf Cooperation Council Abdullatif al-Zayyani, ways of supporting Yemen in different fields including economic, relief, reconstruction and power. Read more...

Yemen Forces Captures Al Qaeda Leader

The Yemeni ligitimate Forces captured a senior leader of al Qaeda during an early morning raid in the southeastern Hadramawt region this morning ,according to local officials. Special forces stormed the house in a remote village where Abu Ali al-Sayari, a Saudi national of Yemeni origins, was hiding, the official said. They detained three others and killed two more according to Reuters. Al Qaeda militants took advantage of Yemen's civil war which began in 2015, seizing parts of the country's south before government soldiers and troops from a Saudi-led Arab coalition drove them out of major population centers. The militants continue to launch occasional attacks on state officials and institutions . AQAP, which the United States regards as one of the deadliest branches of the network founded by Osama bin Laden, has in the past plotted to down U.S. airliners and claimed responsibility for the 2015 attacks on the office of Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris. Read more...

Adenpress Publishes a List of Mine Experts who Targeted the Resistance and Army Officials

A military official who leads one of the western sea fronts in Yemen has handed Adenpress documents with lists of names belonging to the Houthi / Saleh militias . Read more...

Policewomen Deployed in Hadhramout to Increase Security Measures

Yemen authorities boost efforts to nab disguised militants in Al Mukalla according to Gulfnews please authorities have been deploying female security staff to increase security measures by searching female passengers in vehicles in checkpoints in and around Hadhramout . Women have also been deployed at military checkpoints outside Al Mukalla and neighboring regions to detect Al Qaida militants who try to sneak back to their base by disguising themselves in women’s clothing. Major General Ahmad Saeed Bin Bureik, the governor of Hadhramout, told Gulf News on Monday that policemen have caught a number of Al Qaida militants wearing Abayas and Burkas who tried to smuggle arms in and out of the district. The governor said that he has deployed 60 policewomen to be distributed in all checkpoints in and around the districts of Hadhramout to check vehicles carrying women. Read more...

The Government Forces control North of Sanaa

A Yemeni military source confirmed that the progress of the national army forces in Nehm throughout the violent fighting in the last two days enabled it to control the surrounding areas of Arhab north of the Sanaa. Read more...

U.S Drone Strikes Al Qaeda in Alwadhee

Local sources in Abyan said that a US drone targeted a vehiclebelonging to AlQaeda in Alwadea district. Read more...

Southern Military Personnel Protest in Front of Maashik Palace Demanding Their Rights

Aden Hundreds of military officers and soldiers and former Southern army officers protested today in front of Maashik Palace the premises of the Yemeni government in Aden the temporary capital of Yemen. Read more...

Yemeni Government asks UN Envoy to Put Preasure on Houthis to Deliver Revenue to the National Bank

The Yemeni legitimate government askd UN envoy to Yemen to put preasure on the Houthi militias to pay revenues to the Nationl Bank in Aden . Read more...

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Aden press is an electronic news service website which was founded in 2006 . This website provides news bulletins, reports,interviews and points of view from various people of interest in the Yemeni issues in general and from Aden and the South  in  particular. Topics and news items are presented in both languages English and Arabic.  Topics are presented by highly credible  professionals who respect and take into acount impartiality and rapidness in providing the news service .


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