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Tuesday, 28 March 2017 16:19

Jamie McGoldrick: The Humanitarian Support to Yemen will Continue .

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Yemen's Humanitarian Affairs Coordinator to the United Nations Mr Jamie Mc Goldrick held a Press Conference on Tuesday on ‘The humanitarian situation in Yemen after two years of escalating conflict' .
In a live conference via a live conference on video cam he highlighted the latest reports and estimates regarding humanitarian support of food security and nutrition, health and education and other sectors in addition to the briefing on the humanitarian response in Yemen in 2017. Mr McGoldrick denied claims that the Houthi militias are controlling the humanitarian support which is allocated for Yemen and assured that the United Nations has a new plan to protect access and assistance to the Yemeni people and that it was able to reach more than 6 million people who are in desperate need of aid and support . He added that although the UN are facing difficult challenges due to the war and the decrease of donations they receive from the international community it is still able to allocate for 2017 the sum of 2.1 billion US dollars although till now it only received 62.9 million US dollars around 3percent of the total needed . McGoldick added that the organization would be only be able to provide assistance to those in need if it could override access adding that other issues such as activating commerce and banks . He said that the conflict in Yemen caused economic repercussions in one of the largest humanitarian crises in the world where nearly 19 million people — about two-thirds of the population need humanitarian assistance or protection. It is worth mentioning that the humanitarian response plan for this year, according to Mr McGoldrick is to prioritize life-saving assistance and protection to people facing acute needs wherever they are.
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