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Yemen A report prepared by the Program of Communication with Yemeni Religious Scholars has revealed that the Houthi-Saleh militias blew up, bombed and looted 755 mosques, and abducted 150 Imams of mosques from a number of governorates.
Gulf News Iran may deploy more advanced military capabilities to Yemen to support the Al Houthis
. As the escalation of the conflict in Yemen enters its third year this week, the top United Nations humanitarian official has called on the parties to the conflict to commit to political dialogue and resolve the situation or risk an unending manmade crisis.
Wednesday, 22 March 2017 21:06

Iran Steps up Support for Houthis in Yemen's War

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Reuters - london Iran is sending advanced weapons and military advisers to Yemen's rebel Houthi movement, stepping up support for its Shi'ite ally in a civil war whose outcome could sway the balance of power in the Middle East, regional and Western sources say.
The National-ISLAMABAD After reports emerged that Pakistan Army is sending a brigade to shore up the vulnerable southern borders of Saudi Arabia against Houthi attacks, Pakistan on Monday said that Islamabad supported the unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Yemen and will continue to extend all possible assistance for restoration of complete peace and stability in that country.
Sunday, 12 March 2017 19:56

Sana’a…The Last of Yemen Battles ?

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ASHARQ AL-AWSAT Aden- Reclaiming Yemen insurgency-held capital Sana’a has become a contentious topic on the war-torn country’s arena.
Reuters(Riadh - London)– By Jonathan Saul and Katie Paul Cruise missiles, floating mines and a remote-controlled boat have been deployed to attack ships in Yemen in recent months, changing the dynamic of the two-year-old war and pushing the country closer to famine, shipping and aid officials say.
One hundred and six Somali refugees returned to Somalia today after fleeing the ongoing conflict in Yemen.
Translated by Sahar Noman Sources in Sanaa said that the Houthi guerrillas raided dozens of homes in the last three days in the capital in search of fugitives who have fled from the war fronts to escape death and retreated from joining the Houthi militias following successive defeats by the governments forces.
By ERIC SCHMITT and DAVID E. SANGERMARCH 1, 2017-WASHINGTON Computers and cell phones seized during a deadly Special Operations raid in Yemen in January offer clues about attacks Al Qaeda could carry out in the future, including insights into new types of hidden explosives the group is making and new training tactics for militants, according to American officials.
Thursday, 02 March 2017 10:30

Houthis Dangerous Plot Against Sanaa

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Sada Adan :Translated by Sahar Noman A visible increase of changes has been witnessed around the security belt of the Capital Sanaa during the two years since the Houthi /Saleh invasion on the 21st September 2014. The invasion reveals new dimensions of the scheme launched by the Houthi invasion by exceeding its targets, not just a temporary control over State institutions but a Satanic rise of a pyramid of power to interfere in the demographic structure of the capital and its surrounding areas and imposing coercive variables on the conventional tribal element. Those coercive variables which are evident are in the shape of emerging private neighbourhood apartment complexes for supporters of the Houthis similar to settlements. These neighbourhoods are under the framework of the scheme which is implemented by the community leadership in discretion, because it aims to impose forced changes in the demographic composition of the capital, its unique milieu and its tribal surroundings. Social conservative activist Ma’en A. Algrbani from Sanaa said that the Houthis are no longer those invaders coming from North of the country but they are now becoming strongly rooted by the day with deep political and economic tactics, noting that the group will not give up as long as there is a lot of money and hope that the war will end soon. Similar to the demographic expansion outside Saada, one of the main priorities of the Houthis is to use traditional tools to create religious centres .Those centres which are protected by community allies and tribal power centres , were formed in spite that they are located in the most conservative tribal communities of Yemen, communities which are opposed to the Houthi ideological orientation, like Al -Gouf , Maareb and a number of districts around Sana'a governorate. A challenge for supporters who are represented in areas under the influence or are at the door step of ousted President Saleh. Sheikh Saleh Abdel Karim , one of the main figures who represents a number of tribes who are opposed to the Houthis in Sanaa , emphasized that the Houthi group developed some housing compounds and others are still under construction within the security belt areas of the capital Sanaa. He pointed out that several Pro- Houthi families have moved from Saada to resettle in the housing complexes, assuring that the goal of creating such complexes are to impose by force their presence and create new tribal incubators and closed influential zones. The first months of last year have witnessed the commencement of remarkable financial and economic centres of Pro-Houthi groups exploiting its control of power of State institutions in the capital and financial resources to launch a parallel scheme consistent with its expansionist aims to buy a lot of properties and businesses., And push forward some of their leaders, as Houthi leader spokesman Mohamed Abdel Salam and community leaders, Ali Qarshah and Ali Deghayes to invest public funds looted in income-generating economic sectors. Such as s export and marketing of oil, and communications by creating new communication connections which were established in discreet. The Economist, Ahmed Dughaish suggests, that the Houthis target in buying lots of businesses and investment in economic sectors such as oil and communications is to create financial and economic impact centres which will become influential players in anticipation of post war period .
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